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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Beta

      The following codes was tested in a real Genesis (Mega Drive) with a Sonic 2 Beta cartridge (Don´t ask me about cartridge, as this was hard to acquire). Some codes are only for tests, because them crash the game and others restarts. eg: Enabling Title Cards: The game shows level titles and then hangs.

Enable Title Cards (Crash after Title Card loads). (Sonic 1 Title Cards) HG7T-AAEJ
Enable Title Cards (Crash on some levels) (Sonic 1 Title Cards) HG7T-AAEJ
Enable Level Results Title Cards(Restarts after some seconds) HG9A-AADC
Play correct song after getting life through collecting rings XC0T-AAC4
Access Lost Level ID:01 in GHZ 1 AA7A-ACGY
Lost Level ID:03 in GHZ 1 AA7A-AGGY
Lost Level ID:06 in GHZ 1 AA7A-ANGY
Lost Level ID:09 in GHZ 1 AA7A-AWGY
Start with 1 life AE7T-AAA4
Start with 2 lives AJ7T-AAA4
Start with 4 lives AY7T-AAA4
Start with 10 lives BJ7T-AAA4
Start with 50 lives GJ7T-AAA4
Start with 99 lives NN7T-AAA4
Each ring worth 0 8C0T-BAVC
Each ring worth 2 SC0T-BJVC
Each ring worth 3 SC0T-BNVC
Each ring worth 4 SC0T-BTVC
Each ring worth 5 SC0T-BYVC
Each ring worth 6 SC0T-B2VC
Each ring worth 7 SC0T-B6VC
Each ring worth 8 SC0T-BAVC